Whitmore Park Community Association

About Us


Who We Are

The Whitmore Park Community Association is a group of volunteers who live in Whitmore Park. The members of the association work hard to make a difference…for you and me!

The purpose of the Association is to work with individuals, firms, corporations, and civic and government agencies to improve the quality of life in the community of Whitmore Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Join Us and Play a Valuable Role in Your Community

Thousands of Regina residents are volunteers. Our city enjoys one of the highest levels of community support and participation anywhere. Be a builder and enjoy the rewards! Here are a few of the many activities you can get involved with:

  • Recreational and Leisure Program Planning and Administering
  • Coaching, Instructing, Managing
  • Newsletter production
  • Community Affairs
  • Community Planning
  • Skill Development and Information Programs
  • Association Executive Positions

“But I’m Too Busy”

You can volunteer whatever amount of time you have to give. The average time commitment of a community executive position is 6 to 8 hours per month. Many of the volunteer roles require less time. The choice is yours!

“But I Don’t Have the Knowledge or Expertise”

Anyone is a potential volunteer: homemaker, worker, teenager, older adult, professional. People with all levels of ability from any background are our volunteers. This means YOU! Through resource material, workshops, conferences and personal contact you will gain the knowledge and expertise to grow as a volunteer.

Get involved today!! Your contribution can help make a difference!!

See our newsletter to find out what volunteer positions are vacant right now.

Who Benefits?

Your community…and its people. You!

What We Do

Some of the activities and services the WPCA is involved with include:

  • Selling WPCA yearly memberships
  • Offering recreational programs for adults, teenagers, and children in our community
  • Administering the Neighbourhood Watch program
  • Producing a community newsletter
  • Becoming involved in community planning
  • Recognizing our volunteers
  • Administering a Community Sign
  • Donating to community charities
  • Offering financial assistance for play equipment at community schools and for other qualifying projects
  • Training coaches

We meet on a monthly basis (except in the summer) to conduct association business. We welcome visitors to these meetings. Come join us to find out more about what we are about or to express your concerns about our community! Call any of our executive members to find out when our next meeting is.

What Does a Membership Cost?

The annual WPCA membership fee of $5 gives you and your family access to all programs and services we provide. By offering programs that are run on a cost-recovery basis, we are able to provide affordable programs for ALL.

Over the years, WPCA has worked diligently to invest funds back into the community.

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