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Worth It

Coaching girls (ages 11-16) in Understanding Personality Style, Self Image and how to Defend Themselves.

REGISTRATION for spring class: class numbers are limited – first come / first served basis – mail-in registration only – click here for mail-in registration instructions – please ensure that we receive your registration no later than May 5th, 2018.

Instructors: Deana Struble & Ilse Pretorius
(Life Coaches, Self Defense Instructors & Image Consultants)

Girls: ages 11 – 16
Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Cost: $60.00
Time: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Location: Grant Road School Gym
Minimum: 15 / Maximum: 30 participants
NOTE: Students must bring a pen, paper, bottle of water, comfortable clothes and a NUT-FREE bagged lunch.

Depression, Anxiety, cutting, eating disorders and other mental health related problems and illnesses are on the rise with our pre teen and teens. 70% of mental health issues have their onset during childhood and teen years. (government of Canada, 2006. The human face of mental health and mental illness in Canada.)

It is time for our community to step in and support our pre teen and teen girls to a better self image and self worth! It is our responsibility as community members to offer supports and opportunities for our young women to have a positive outlook on who they are, how they feel about their bodies and how to protect themselves.

The “Worth It” program has 3 components which include:

You are Worth Knowing: understanding your personality type, the differences between introvert vs extrovert and the value of both, finding the labels than they might have attached to themselves in a negative way, proactive and reactive thinking and more.

Your body is Worth Loving: positive body image, discovering your style, how image tells the story of you and discovering how to represent your unique image for your personality.

You are Worth Defending: a basic Escape training class designed by Street Smart Defender out of California for women and girls. It is every persons right to be able to defend themselves, this teaches 4 basic movements that are easily remembered when your body is filled with adrenalin and thought processes are difficult.

For more information, please email: programs@whitmorepark.ca

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