Whitmore Park Community Association

Community Sign

whitmore-signThe WPCA sign is located at the corner of Grant Road and Gordon Road. It is available for community and private messages. The cost is $10 per posting for private messages. The message will appear for one day (or longer if no other notice is pending). Notices for community events have priority over private messages. The WPCA executive reserves the right to refuse to post any notice.

Please call or email Angie.

Phone: 306-584-0970

Click here to send an email to Angie >

A two day rental is $10.  All messages are subject to the WPCA sign policy. Non-profit groups may use the sign for informational purposes at no charge . (Advertising of events that will result in individual gain, such as craft sales, will be charged $10.)Please make cheques payable to WPCA. Send payment to:
WPCA Sign Co-ordinator
PO Box 37190
Regina, SK
S4S 7K4* All postings are subject to availability.

Sign Policy:

First come First Serve:

  • Whether the message is Whitmore Park related or the bigger community, or if the customer is a paying one or not, preference will not be given.

Guaranteed 24 hours (give or take an hour):

  • The only exception to this would be dependant on the weather
  • Customers who would like a message for longer than 1 day will only get it if:
    1. There is no other message to go up
    2. They are willing to pay $10.00 for each consecutive day they want

Non-Profit organizations are free, all other ads are $10.00 per day:

  • Any messages that can result in someone’s personal gain must pay the $10.00 fee (ie. Art Guilds, daycares etc.)
  • Birthday messages are $10.00 per day

WPCA AGM’s and registration nights have dibs on 3 days of signage

Ads such as the following are not allowed to be posted on the sign:

  • “Vote for me”
  • “Car for sale”
  • Religious or anything that might offend a select group of people (“say no to abortion”)

Refund will be given if ad did not get posted due to weather or if it was just missed

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