Whitmore Park Community Association

Community Sign

whitmore-signThe WPCA sign is located at the corner of Grant Road and Gordon Road. It is available for community and private messages. Notices for community events have priority over private messages. The WPCA executive reserves the right to refuse to post any notice.

Please contact the Sign Manager at: sign@whitmorepark.ca

Sign Policy:

Non-Acceptable Topics

  • Articles for sale or rent
  • Offensive to a select group of people
  • Commercial businesses
  • Political
  • Religious                                 

Minimum 4 Days Guarantee

  • an exception to this would be weather conditions preventing it.
  • customers who would like to have a message posted for longer than 4 days will only be able to get it if there is no other message to be posted by someone else after the 4 day period.
  • Interpretation: If someone decides they want to have a message posted for 7 days and another person or organization later on asks to have a posting that is within this period of time; after the first 4 days has elapsed, then the first message would have to be removed so that the next message could be posted.  The rationale for this is that we want to have the sign providing message services for as many persons or non-profit organizations in our community as possible.

Maximum Period of Time

  • sign usage should be limited to 14 days. Exception to this would be for messages posted by our Association.


  • $10.00 per day that the message was posted. The payment for the messaging will be collected by the Sign Manager prior to the posting of the message. If payment has not been received by the Association prior to the date of placement then the message will not be posted on the sign board.


  • will only be provided if the funds were collected in advance from the customer and the message was not posted for the amount of time paid for initially.


  • any problems or issues that cannot be resolved by the Sign Manager should be passed on to either the President or Vice-President of the WPCA.


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