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March 21, 2024

This 2023-24 skating season, our Whitmore Park Community Association arranged to have contracted supervision at our 2 outdoor rinks in Mike Badham Park on Grant Road. 

Our Community Association made an agreement with the City of Regina Parks and Recreation to ensure the warm-up shelter would be open for public use from December to March.

The supervisors provided Whitmore Park and surrounding communities with the advantage of having the warm-up shelter open and supervision provided during popular times for hockey and family skating. 

Our unusually mild winter temperatures caused a big delay in the development of skating ice at the boarded and non-boarded rinks, so we had to wait until early January to open up the warm-up shelter and commence supervision. 

There was lots of interest in using the facilities and our supervisors provided over 70 hours at the rinks until mid-March.

We applaud the generosity and wonderful community spirit of our supervisors that made it possible for our friends, children and neighbours to have fun at our local outdoor rinks. 

Brian Black, Outdoor Rink Manager

Whitmore Park Community Association

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